Vision is an art form , not luck or coincidence.

Filming and photography
“Think it, plan it, do it.”

About us

A multitude of skills allows us to address a number of different areas in filming and photography,  Understanding the message allows us to develop the correct look and feel.

A solid background in Marketing, Filming and Photography ,  is not enough to ensure a quality production . A good understanding of the clients needs interlaced with our ability and experience ensures a successful production.

Script writing and scene concept and design adds to a successful production, having experience in a number of markets with exposure to diverse environments makes the task much easier . ( Aviation, Wild life, Military , Boating , manufacturing, photography, filming , security , electronics and more)

Having extensive aviation experience , gives us an advantage when incorporating aerial work into your production, In productions that require real and active firearms , we have the necessary certifications to legally be in possession of these weapons (Competency to trade)

Our skills are way past Lights, Camera, Action, we understand how to incorporate all the facets required in a captivating end product .
About usAbout us

Quality video

Quality is the understanding that  any compromise should not affect the quality of an experience or end product and that the desired message remains intact.

Although we use our own equipment , and have selected our tools with best value and fit in mind, should we not be able to achieve the desired result with the tools at hand , we will either acquire whatever is required or outsource the particular service.

All our filming equipment is 4K capable but often completing the final production in Full HD is more practical. Sound quality is never compromised as this adds way more to the final production than many would think.

A methodical approach to each aspect of a production, from ensuring the lenses are clean to knowing that the props are in place and that the batteries are charged may seem obvious, however it is these small details that ultimately bring about a smooth and active set .

Complete planning results in a high quality product with minimal stress and aggravation, sometimes costing a little more but saving on stress and long term budget .

What we Do

Filming and Photography

We cover most aspects of photography , Product portfolios , Building and construction, Modelling portfolios, Weddings on special request. Filming - this is where we excel , owning all out own equipment gives us the edge in timing and quality.

Filming location and props.

We will scout for any location you require, find scarce and obscure props . And provide services unrelated to the production work, like Power. lighting, food, accommodation, on site toilets, security and external communications. We have licenced personnel that allows us to be in possession of firearms not licensed to us , Licenced skippers up-to 40nm and qualified pilots give us flexibility not found in any similar company.

Screen writing and set design.

We have the facilities and expertise to put together simple and strait forward scripts and polish the message , Set design and building is just another service we can offer . We design , a third party builds .


This is not our focus, however we will cover weddings with one of our inhouse photographers in there private capacity , why would you choose us then , well ! , quit simple ! most private photographers do not have the equipment available that we have at our disposal , in other words , ZERO ! compromise .

Aerial work . Drone, Fixed wing or helicopter.

We own our own drones, and fixed wing aircraft, if a helicopter is required , this is " chartered " in .


  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

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