Quality is the understanding that  any compromise should not affect the quality of an experience or end product and that the desired message or vision remains intact.

Understanding our equipment ensures we get the best possible quality , The most expensive camera does not necessarily give you the best final product, especially if you do not know your equipment.

Although we use our own equipment , and have selected our tools with best value and fit in mind, should we not be able to achieve the desired result with the tools at hand , we will either acquire whatever is required or outsource the particular service.

All our filming equipment is 4K capable but often completing the final production in Full HD is more practical. Sound quality is never compromised as this adds way more to the final production than many would think.

A methodical approach to each aspect of a production, from ensuring the lenses are clean to knowing that the props are in place and that the batteries are charged may seem obvious, however it is these small details that ultimately bring about a smooth and active set .

Complete planning results in a high quality product with minimal stress and aggravation, sometimes costing a little more but saving on stress and long term budget .